Friday, April 10, 2009

Flying Micro Robot

UW researchers develop world's first flying microrobot for microscale applications it flys using magnetic levitation.
Credit: University of Waterloo

Nothing to Be Frightened Of

The first chapter of Nothing to Be Frightened Of by Julian Barnes.
The exchange below is between Barnes and his brother, they are discussing their neice C. and her boyfriend R.
Instead, I asked, "But you approve of R.?"

"It's irrelevant," my brother replied, "whether or not I approve of R."

"No, it's not. C. might want you to approve of him."

"On the contrary, she might want me not to approve of him."

"But either way, it's not irrelevant to her whether or not you approve or disapprove."

He thought this over for a moment. "You're right," he said.

You can perhaps tell from these exchanges that he is the elder brother.