Sunday, May 22, 2005

"Middlemarch" a BBC production

One of the greatest books ever written leaps to life in this lavishly filmed BBC production, seen on Masterpiece Theatre. You’ll share the frustrations of George Eliot’s heroine (Dorothea Brooke, portrayed by a luminous Juliet Aubrey) whose desire to add meaning to her life conflicts with 19th-century provincial English culture. A turbulent, romantic epic shot on location in England and Italy.

My second favorite BBC series, exceeded only by the incomparable "I Claudius". Unfortunately, there was something wrong with the image, possbily due to my $40 Radio Shack DVD player (you get what you pay for, it seems). The image was stretched vertically and possbily chopped, which rendered the gentlemen's already tall black hats as monstrosities. Still it was a great production - I greedily finished the final three episodes in one sitting, last night.

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