Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Superluminal telecommunication: an observable contradiction between quantum entanglement and relativistic causality

Authors: Ruo Peng Wang

I present a schema for a superluminal telecommunication system based on polarization entangled photon pairs. Binary signals can be transmitted at superluminal speed in this system, if entangled photon pairs can really be produced. The existence of the polarization entangled photon pairs is in direct contradiction to the relativistic causality in this telecommunication system. This contradiction implies the impossibility of generating entangled photon pairs.

preprint in the physics archive

see also Quantum State of Entangled Photon Pairs by the same author.
I show that the photon pairs used in experimental tests of quantum non-locality based on Bell's theorem are not in the entangled quantum state. The correct quantum state of the ``entangled'' photon pairs is suggested. Two experiments for testing this quantum state are proposed.

The author expresses skepticism about quantum entanglement, which is the basis for many of the mind-boggling phenomenon of quantum mechanics. Unfortunately I don't have the background to evaluate his claims.

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