Thursday, January 07, 2010

Polarized Proton Collisions - a problem with QCD?

Hard Collisions of Spinning Protons - History and Future

There will be a review of the history of polarized proton beams, and a discussion of the unexpected and still unexplained large transverse spin effects found in several high energy proton-proton spin experiments at the ZGS, AGS, Fermilab and RHIC. Next there will be a discussion of possible future experiments on the violent collisions elastic collisions of polarized protons at the 70 GeV U-70 accelerator at IHEP-Protvino in Russia and the new high intensity 50 GeV J-PARC at Tokai in Japan.

"To summarize, for the past 30 years QCD-based calculations have continued to disagree
with the ZGS 2-spin and AGS 1-spin elastic data, and the ZGS, AGS, Fermilab and now
RHIC inclusive data."

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