Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ultra Dense Deuterium?

There is recent experiment evidence of ultra-dense deuterium from Sweden. "Ultra-dense deuterium would be by far the most dense material ever produced by man - one cubic centimetre would have a mass of 140 kilograms" - Wikipedia.
See also the preprint Ultradense Deuterium.
An attempt is made to explain the recently reported occurrence of ultradense deuterium as an isothermal transition of Rydberg matter into a high density phase by quantum mechanical exchange forces. It is conjectured that the transition is made possible by the formation of vortices in a Cooper pair electron fluid, separating the electrons from the deuterons, with the deuterons undergoing Bose-Einstein condensation in the core of the vortices. If such a state of deuterium should exist at the reported density of about 100,000 g/cm3, it would greatly facility the ignition of a thermonuclear detonation wave in pure deuterium, by placing the deuterium in a thin disc, to be ignited by a pulsed ultrafast laser or particle beam of modest energy.

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