Saturday, December 26, 2009

Flavor Physics

Brief Introduction to Flavor Physics
We consider the standard model (SM) quark flavor sector. We study its structure in a spurionic, symmetry oriented approach. The SM picture of flavor and CP violation is now experimentally verified, hence strong bounds on beyond the SM flavor structure follow. We show how to parametrically derive such bounds, in a model independent manner, via minimal flavor violation power counting. This min-review summarizes lectures given at the ISSCSMB '08 international school. It aims to give basic tools to understand how flavor and CP violation occur in the SM and its extensions. It should be particularly useful for non-expert students who have mastered other aspects of the SM dynamics.

Note: A spurion is the name given to a "particle" inserted mathematically into an isospin-violating decay in order to analyze it as though it conserved isospin. --- Wikipedia

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