Monday, July 13, 2009

Hierarchy problems

In particle physics, the Hierarchy problem is the question why the weak force is 10^32 times stronger than gravity. The Cosmological constant problem is that most quantum field theories predict a huge cosmological constant from the energy of the quantum vacuum . The value is off by 120 orders of magnitude, which is said to be the worst prediction in theorectical physics! In the preprint The Concept of a Cosmographical Vacuum we have:
The argument for a novel concept with a not unique, ``Cosmographical Vacuum'' state which generates fermion and weak boson masses is outlined in a brief and concise way.

The following preprint discusses the particle physics hierarchy problem and the problem of the very small but nonzero neutrino masses using the (speculative) possibility of extra dimensions:
Signatures of Singlet Neutrinos in Large Extra Dimensions at the LHC
It is a challenge to explain why neutrinos are so light compared to other leptons. Small neutrino masses can be explained if right-handed fermions propagate in large extra dimensions. Fermions propagating in the bulk would have implications on Higgs boson decays. If the Higgs boson is discovered at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a detailed analysis may reveal the presence of large extra dimensions. This paper reviews the status of large extra-dimensional models in the context of the current limits on Higgs boson masses and the fundamental Planck scale in extra dimensions.

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