Monday, July 13, 2009

On Time Reversal Mirrors

Narcissus by Caravaggio
A friend of mine complained that her boyfriend accused her of never passing a mirror without checking herself out, and that she spent half her life looking at her face in the mirror. Well if that were true and my friend had herself a Time Reversal Mirror, she would never get older! Sorry, that application is not actually discussed in this preprint, despite the promising title: On time reversal mirrors.
Time reversal (TR) is the process of recording the signal, time-reversing and re-propagating the signal. When the signal is from a localized source the time reversed field is expected to focus on the source. Time reversal of acoustic waves has led to applications in ultrasound and underwater acoustics including brain therapy, lithotripsy, nondestructive testing and telecommunications [17]. An even greater potential holds for the time reversal of electro-magnetic waves which is closely related to optical phase conjugation [28].

While it isn't quite the fountain of youth for the narcissists among us, there are exciting applications.

Dorian Gray used a different technology to remain youthful.

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